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Additional Information

Year Founded: 2011
Fiat: EUR, USD



Nejc Kodrič
@nejc_kodric    nejc-kodrič-29922747


Maker Fees: 0.25% | Taker Fees: 0.25%
BTC withdrawals: FREE
ETH withdrawals: FREE
BCH withdrawals: FREE

Credit Card Purchase: 5% (additional fee may be charged by the card issuer)

Wire (International) Deposit fees: 0.05% deposit fee on Bitstamp’s end (minimum fee = 7.5 USD/EUR, maximum fee = 300 USD/EUR)
Wire (International) Withdrawal fees: 0.09% fee, minimum fee is 15.00 USD/EUR on Bitstamp’s end and may incur additional international bank fees

SEPA (EUR) Deposit fees: FREE
SEPA (EUR) Withdrawal fees: €0.90 EUR


Was it Hacked?

  • In august 2015, a hacker was able to steal 18,000 BTC (source)